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Test python asyncio-based code with ease.
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This is a helper library to ease of your pain (and boilerplate), when writing a test of the asynchronous code (asyncio). You can test:

  • synchronous code (same as the unittest.TestCase)
  • asynchronous code, it supports syntax with async/await (Python 3.5+) and asyncio.coroutine/yield from (Python 3.4)


Use pip:

pip install aiounittest


It's as simple as use of unittest.TestCase. Full docs at

import asyncio
import aiounittest

async def add(x, y):
    await asyncio.sleep(0.1)
    return x + y

class MyTest(aiounittest.AsyncTestCase):

    async def test_async_add(self):
        ret = await add(5, 6)
        self.assertEqual(ret, 11)

    # or 3.4 way
    def test_sleep(self):
        ret = yield from add(5, 6)
        self.assertEqual(ret, 11)

    # some regular test code
    def test_something(self):

Library provide some additional tooling:



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