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Kwartz is a beautiful template engine which supports Ruby, PHP, Java, and Perl
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About Kwartz

Kwartz is a beautiful template engine which supports several programming languages.


  • Pure HTML template file. Presentation logic are separated into independent files. In the result you don't need embed any logics into HTML file.
  • Support multi-programming language. Kwartz can generate files for Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java, and so on.
  • Very fast. Kwartz compiles template files into scripts in advance.
  • Format independent. Kwartz can handle not only HTML but also any text file.

See for details.


There are 'ruby', 'php', and 'java' branches in this repository. You should checkout a branch what you want after you cloned repository.

$ git clone
$ cd kwartz
$ git checkout ruby    # for Ruby user
$ git checkout php     # for PHP user
$ git checkout java    # for Java user
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