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BrB is a simple, fully transparent and extremely fast interface for doing simple distributed Ruby. The core of the architecture is provided by EventMachine (a fast and reliable IO event library).

BrB was built in order to achieve these 4 main goals :

  1. Simple and fast message passing between distant Ruby processes.
  2. Message passing with of return values when needed.
  3. Being extremely fast in order to handle more than a few thousand messages per second.
  4. Being completely transparent for developer.

The principle is simple and inspired from Drb (standard distributed ruby library) :
A process exposes an object over the network and any ruby process (after having established a connection tunnel) can directly call a method on the exposed object. BrB handles that part, so it’s fully transparent in the Ruby code.

For any question, use the Ruby BrB google group

What are some things BrB is designed for?

  • Doing Simple message passing between Ruby processes.
  • Connecting hundreds of Ruby processes transparently.
  • Building a real-time, scalable (game) server
  • Taking load off the server by distributing the load to multiple BrB instances.
  • Taking advantage of multi-core and multi-threaded systems.


Any help on the project is warmly welcomed!

Article on BrB usage :

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