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Yet another FizzBuzz in Ruby
Ruby C
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[ci skip] Update TODO file.

Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Wilczynski <>
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benchmark [ci skip] Copyright update.
bin [ci skip] Copyright update.
ext/fizzbuzz [ci skip] Copyright update.
lib [ci skip] Copyright update.
test [ci skip] Copyright update.
.coveralls.yml Add Coveralls integration.
.gitignore [ci skip] Update .gitignore file with things from C and Python.
.travis.yml Add Ruby 2.2.0 on Travis CI.
AUTHORS First version.
CHANGES [ci skip] Update TODO and CHANGES files prior to releasing new version.
CHANGES.rdoc [ci skip] Update TODO and CHANGES files prior to releasing new version.
Gemfile Add support for FizzBuzz#to_hash, FizzBuzz#as_json, FizzBuzz#to_json …
Guardfile [ci skip] Copyright update.
LICENSE First version.
README Update README and Rakefile.
README.rdoc [ci skip] Actually, remove SemVer badge.
Rakefile [ci skip] Copyright update.
TODO [ci skip] Update TODO file.
VERSION FizzBuzz, version 0.7.0
Vagrantfile [ci skip] Copyright update.
kwilczynski-public.pem Move Gem::Specification from Rakefile to "ruby-fizzbuzz.gemspec" file.
ruby-fizzbuzz.gemspec [ci skip] Copyright update.


Yet another FizzBuzz in Ruby. Provides simple and fast solution to a popular FizzBuzz problem for Ruby.

Written in C as an example of using Ruby's C API - with the support for arbitrary large numeric values via the Bignum class.

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