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This repository has been archived by the owner on Apr 5, 2024. It is now read-only.


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Java CI

IMPORTANT: This is the original cppcheclipse repository. It is not actively maintained in this repository anymore. You now find the cppcheclipse source code here. Please report issues and provide pull requests in that repository instead.

cppcheclipse is an Eclipse plugin which integrates cppcheck with the CDT project. You can run/configure cppcheck from the Eclipse UI.

To build the project on the command line it requires maven, Run the following commands:

cd com.googlecode.cppcheclipse.parent
mvn clean verify

It will not increment the version number nor deploy/publish/release the artifact. You can find the built p2 repository now in ../com.googlecode.cppcheclipse.repository/target in zip format.


  • Under Windows the mvn clean verify will fail because the unit test paths in unix format. As workaround skip the tests mvn clean package should build successfully, but it will not create.
  • Maven build will fail if Java 9 is used, while it will work under Java 8.

Further information on how to use and install cppcheclipse can be found in the wiki.