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A simple Python republisher to help organize topics
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A quick python script to accept incoming MQTT payloads under the topic of /raw/, and look them up in a table for republishing under a logical topic name

It stems from a suggestion by Robert at to try and organize disparate sources into one logical hierarchy. 

Anything that is published under /raw/ but does not match anything in the map gets republished with /unknown/ prepended to the topic.

Some examples of source data I have...

/raw/ -> /bishopbriggs/gordonhouse/electricity/voltage
/raw/ -> /bishopbriggs/gordonhouse/electricity/watts
/raw/ -> /milngavie/parentshouse/garden/temperature
/raw/ -> /milngavie/parentshouse/sunlounge/temperature
/raw/wmlp1000/apci/core_temp -> /mobile/wmlp1000/cpu_temp


mkdir /usr/local/mqtt-republisher/ /etc/mqtt-republisher/
cd /usr/local/
git clone git://
cp mqtt-republisher.init /etc/init.d/mqtt-republisher
cp map.csv /etc/mqtt-republisher/
cp mqtt-republisher.cfg.example /etc/mqtt-republisher/mqtt-republisher.cfg
update-rc.d mqtt-republisher defaults
cp mqtt-republisher.default /etc/default/mqtt-republisher

Edit /etc/mqtt-republisher/map.csv and /etc/mqtt-republisher/mqtt-republisher.cfg to suit, and then

/etc/init.d/mqtt-republisher start
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