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Welcome to the YouTube IT Wiki!

Getting started...

Here is the basic information to get started: Getting Started

Feature Requests

Update Location Field: Add the ability to update a video location using the yt:location tag. Requested by: kyleries. Note that I began to try and include this option in the update method and video_xml markup, but had difficulty doing so.

mg.tag!('media:category', @opts[:category], :scheme => "http://gdata.youtube.com/schemas/2007/categories.cat") mg.tag!('yt:location', @opts[:location], :type => "plain") mg.tag!('yt:private') if @opts[:private]

I assumed this would include it as I passed in the option in my application code:

, :category => params[:video][:category], :location => params[:video][:location]

Alas, no success. I also tried inserting is as an explicit option in the update method:

def update(video_id, options) @opts = { :title => '', :description => '', :category => 'People', :location => '', :keywords => [] }.merge(options)

If anyone has any pointers on a proper approach, I would much appreciate it! Otherwise, if the best option is to geocode a location and then pass in the lat/long, let me know by updating this page. I see that those options are already supported in this gem.


Here you can found a demo for see how works the gem, the code is available too: DEMO

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