A web frontend for pianobar, which is a CLI frontend for Pandora.
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A web frontend for pianobar, which is a CLI frontend for Pandora.

Provides a simple way for controlling what is playing on the radio. I use this to allow guests (and myself) to control the music playing outside on my patio with their phones.

This was inspired by Pidora. I wasn't happy with the way Pidora does templating so instead of forking that project, I wanted to start fresh. I also wanted to learn NodeJS and socket.io (websockets), so this was a great project for that.

A great way to control Pandora / Pianobar on a Raspberry Pi


Either curl -s https://github.com/kylejohnson/Patiobar/blob/master/install.sh | bash or

git clone https://github.com/kylejohnson/Patiobar.git
cd Patiobar
bash install.sh


We assume that you've installed Patiobar to your users home directory!

  1. Follow the Install instructions above
  2. Start pianobar, perhaps in a screen. e.g. screen -S pianobar -d -m pianobar
  3. Login, if you don't have pianobar set to do that automatically
  4. Select a station, if one isn't already playing or configured to auto-play
  5. Start Patiobar: cd Patiobar && node index.js
  6. Browse to the IP address or hostname of the machine running pianobar / Patiobar on port 3000. e.g.


If something doesn't work, please open a github issue.