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FFT addon for openFrameworks that wrapps FFTW and KissFFT.
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ofxFft is an addon for openFrameworks

ofxFft wraps two libraries with the same interface: FFTW and KISS FFT. KISS FFT is MIT licensed, and enabled by default. FFTW is GPL, and can be enabled using the #define USE_FFTW flag.

To use ofxFft with FFTW make sure you download the precompiled libraries.

Basic usage is demonstrated by example-eq and example-basic.

To install ofxFft, move the ofxFft folder to your of/addons/ folder.

With each project, you need to:

  1. Add to your compiler search path:

    • of/addons/ofxFft/src
    • of/addons/ofxFft/libs/kiss
  2. If you're using FFTW on Windows, you'll also need to add:

    • of/addons/ofxFft/libs/fftw/include

    And link with:

    • of/addons/ofxFft/libs/fftw/lib/win32/libfftw3f-3.dll

If you're not using FFTW on Windows, you'll need to remove the line:

#define USE_FFTW

From ofxFft.h

FFTW was compiled with:

./configure --disable-shared --enable-static --enable-float --enable-threads make sudo make install

which puts the static libraries in .libs

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