Flask extension to support IndieAuth and Micropub clients.
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A Flask extension to support IndieAuth and Micropub clients.


Authentication uses the IndieAuth flow to confirm a user controls a particular URL, without requesting any sort of permissions or access token. Annotate an endpoint with @micropub.authenticated_handler and then call micropub.authenticate to initiate the login.


Authorization uses the full Micropub flow to authenticate a user and then request an access token with which to make micropub requests. Annotate an endpoint with @micropub.authorized_handler and then call micropub.authorize to initiate the login.


MicropubClient provides a simple mechanism to deter Cross-Site Request Forgery. Based on this Flask snippet, we generate a random string, pass it to the indieauth service via the state parameter, and then confirm we get the same random string back later.

This helps prevent malicious sites from sending users to your indieauth endpoint against their will.


from flask import Flask, request, url_for
from flask.ext.micropub import MicropubClient

app = Flask(__name__)
micropub = MicropubClient(app)

def login():
    return micropub.authorize(
        me, scope=request.args.get('scope'))

def micropub_callback(resp):
    print('success!', resp.me, resp.access_token, resp.next_url, resp.error)

See example.py for a more thorough example. Protocol details at https://indiewebcamp.com/IndieAuth and https://indiewebcamp.com/Micropub