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Provides general guidelines, contributing, and maintaining rules for all who add content to Kyma.


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Kyma Community

Welcome to the Kyma community page!

If you are looking for information on how to join us, you are in the right place. Read on to find out how you can get involved, contribute to Kyma code and documentation, and stay in touch with the latest Kyma news. Let's get started!

Contribution & Collaboration

Contribution Rules

Before you start contributing, read our Code of Conduct and learn about our working model to understand the way Kyma community works. Get familiar with the contributing rules, recommended Git workflow, and issues workflow we use in Kyma so you can apply them later in practice as an active contributor.


Follow guidelines for writing content and code. See how to create a new repository, read about our release process, and use templates for various document types.


Create an issue on GitHub to report a bug or request a feature. Go to the given repository's issue tracker and raise an issue using one of the available templates. The owners of the repository will review your issue and provide you with their feedback. If you are not certain which repository your issue refers to, open it in the kyma repository. For more information on how issues are handled within the Kyma organization, read about the issues workflow.

Special Interest Groups & Working Groups

The Kyma community collaborates through Special Interest Groups and Working Groups (SIGs and WGs). By joining the SIGs and WGs, you can meet other community members, exchange information on Kyma, provide feedback, raise interest, ask questions, and learn about the product. Join the SIGs or WGs meeting to learn more what each group works on.

Stay Informed

Social Media

We're on Twitter (@kymaproject) and LinkedIn (Kyma Project). Stay tuned for the news and spread the good word about Kyma among your followers.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all recordings from SIGs and WGs meetings. You will also find there some other interesting videos, such as Kyma in non-English, Kyma Capabilities Demos, and many more.


Go the Kyma blog to read the latest news on our project, events, and teams. If you want to share your experience with Kyma, feel free to write a blog post on your own.

Community Support


If you prefer even more direct contact, use one of the available Slack channels. Feel free to write to us with any questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement. Any constructive feedback or criticism is welcome.

Technical Support

Stack Overflow

If you have a code-level question and need some expert advice, contact us on Stack Overflow. Read through the existing questions tagged with kyma or ask your own if you don't find the answer you were looking for.


The community is relentless about Kyma security. To report a security issue, send an email with details directly to instead of using a public issue tracker.

Thank you for your interest in Kyma. Hope you'll stay with us for a while.


Provides general guidelines, contributing, and maintaining rules for all who add content to Kyma.



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