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The examples project provides a central repository to showcase and illustrate features and concepts on Kyma.

What an example is

  • An example is a small demo that illustrates a particular feature or concept of Kyma.
  • An example refers to full, ready-to-use application development requiring no explanation.
  • An example must be concise and clear.

What an example is not

  • An example cannot be a lecture or tutorial that guides the user through the topic with steps. Tutorials are part of the product documentation.
  • An example is not a production-ready application or service. Do not use examples in a production environment.

List of examples

The summary of the documentation in the examples repository lists all available examples organized by the feature or concept they showcase. This structure provides a quick overview and easy navigation.

Example Description Technology
Orders Service Test the service and function that expose HTTP APIs to collect simple orders either in the in-memory storage or the Redis database. Go, NodeJS, Redis
HTTP DB Service Test the service that exposes an HTTP API to access a database on the cluster. Go, MSSQL
Gateway Expose APIs for functions or services. Kubeless
Service Binding Bind a Redis service to a lambda function. Kubeless, Redis, NodeJS
Alert Rules Configure alert rules in Kyma. Prometheus
Custom Metrics in Kyma Expose custom metrics in Kyma. Go, Prometheus
Event Email Service Send an automated email upon receiving an Event. NodeJS
Tracing Configure tracing for a service in Kyma. Go
Rafter Store static webpages using Rafter HTML, CSS


You can run all the examples locally or in a cluster. For instructions on installing and running an example, refer to the document of the specific example, either by using the List of examples section or by navigating through the project structure.