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Kythe is a pluggable, (mostly) language-agnostic ecosystem for building tools that work with code.


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  • Extensive documentation of the Kythe schema

  • Indexer implementations for C++, Go, and Java

  • Compilation extractors for javac, Maven, cmake, Go, and Bazel

  • Generic verifier for indexers

  • Sample cross-reference service

  • Many useful utility commands to work with Kythe artifacts

Getting Started

Download the latest Kythe release from and then unpack it for a snapshot of Kythe’s toolset.

tar xzf kythe-v*.tar.gz
rm -rf /opt/kythe
mv kythe-v*/ /opt/kythe

See /opt/kythe/README for a complete description of the packaged tools and their usages.

Contributing and Building Kythe