Adds Pulse audio shortcuts to the Sound Menu. Read through the extension.js file to choose which entries to hide/show. By default this only displays PA Volume Control & PA Preferences at the end of the Sound/Volume Menu, preceded by a seperator. The extension is also simple enough to use as a great starting point for others.
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Adds a Pulse Audio shortcuts menu to the Volume Menu. (note: v12 zip file is the 3.2/3.4 ver w/o a prefs dialog.)

GS >= 3.4 can manage the displayed shortcuts via the prefs tool. The 'PulseAudio' menu text can also be modified via the prefs tool. (Credit: lmedinas, Xes) todo:fix position

This depends on the following, of which is your choice to use and install. To verify they are installed open a terminal and try to run any of the following: pavucontrol paprefs pavumeter pulseaudio-equalizer paman qpaeq gstreamer-properties

1 click install from E.G.O:

~1 click install from E.G.O: