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Sustainable blockchain solutions to co-create a zero-carbon society.

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  1. MVP of a Digital Wallet which can handle Self Sovereign Identities and Blockchain based Assets.

    Kotlin 12 3

  2. First PoC of and thoughts about Streem implemented in Solidity

    JavaScript 9 1

  3. ERC777 Ethereum Token Standard implemented in Rust using pwasm

    JavaScript 8 1

  4. Android App vor "Vallet" - a serverless, easy to use system for crypto vouchers and tokens

    Kotlin 6 3

  5. Play4Privacy Public archive

    October 2017: Multiplayer Go on a public facade, issuing ERC-20 tokens to players and collecting Ether donations for privacy orgs

    JavaScript 4 2

  6. Reference implementations of the proposed Streaming Token Standard EIP-2100

    JavaScript 4


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