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An IoT development module that supports the Tock operating system.
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Hail is an IoT development module that runs the Tock operating system. Its features:

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Hail + Tock

TockOS supports Hail. See the instructions there for how to program the Tock kernel and applications.


Hail supports a software bootloader which allows new code to be flashed over USB. The bootloader source is in the bootloader directory. The tockloader utility can flash applications using the bootloader.

Commissioning New Hail Boards

There a couple steps to provision a newly populated Hail board. See the commissioning folder for more information.

nRF51822 BLE Radio

By default, the nRF51822 is commissioned with the serialization application which allows softdevice commands to be sent over a UART connection from the SAM4L.

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