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A CORS Middleware to enable amp http-server libraries to easily facilitate handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing.
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Labrador HTTP CORS

A PHP 7+ library intended to provide spec-compliant CORS middleware for projects running on amphp http-server. Though this library lives under the Labrador namespace it has only one dependency, amphp/http-server, and does not depend on any other Labrador packages.


There is only 1 supported method for installing Labrador packages; Composer.

composer require cspray/labrador-http-cors


Using the Middleware is fairly simple; provide a Configuration instance that defines the CORS related data for a given Origin. Pass that config to a CorsMiddleware instance and then attach to the router layer you've implemented for your amphp application.


require_once  __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Cspray\Labrador\Http\Cors\ArrayConfiguration;
use Cspray\Labrador\Http\Cors\CorsMiddleware;

$config = new ArrayConfiguration([
    'origin' => '',
    'allowed_methods' => ['GET', 'POST', 'PUT', 'DELETE'],
    'allowed_headers' => ['Content-Type', 'X-Request-Header'],
    'exposable_headers' => ['X-Response-Header'],
    'allow_credentials' => true
$middleware = new CorsMiddleware($config);

// Attaching to your routing layer is an exercise left to the reader

// In Labrador applications you would typically attach this directly on the Application
// to catch preflight requests at all endpoints. Obviously if your solution requires 
// more find-grained handling you can always add the Middleware to a specific route on
// your Router instance.

Security Issues

This library aims to be well tested and spec-compliant. If you encounter a security issue with this library please email instead of posting an issue directly on this repository.

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