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The flags of all countries in the world in one sprite

Include 1 css file and have all the worlds' flags on your site. Tell everyone who uses a lot of country flags to use this link, so it will be in everyone's cache!

Example usage:

In the head of your html file:


In the body of your html file:

<ul class="f32">
  <li class="flag ar">Argentina</li>
  <li class="flag au">Australia</li>
  <li class="flag at">Austria</li>


<ul class="f32">
  <li class="flag arg">Argentina</li>
  <li class="flag aus">Australia</li>
  <li class="flag aut">Austria</li>

The countries corresponding to the codes can be found at: and

If a previously visited site uses this same code, the file is already in the cache of the user and doesn't need to be downloaded again.

See the cheese wiki: for an example