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Lagotto allows a user to track events around research articles and other scholarly outputs, including how often a work has been viewed, cited, saved, discussed and recommended. The application was started in March 2009 by the Open Access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS). Visit the Lagotto website to learn more.

How to start developing now?

Lagotto uses Vagrant and Virtualbox for setting up the development environment. To start developing now on your local machine (Mac OS X, Linux or Windows):

  1. Install Vagrant:
  2. Install Virtualbox:
  3. Clone this repository git clone
  4. Cd into it
  5. Copy the file .env.example to .env and make any changes to the configuration as needed
  6. Run vagrant up

Once the setup is complete (it might take up to 15 minutes), you'll be able to open up a browser and navigate to, and you should see this screen:

Lagotto screenshot


Detailed instructions on how to start developing are here. There is extensive documentation - including installation instructions - at the Lagotto website.


Please direct questions about the application to the discussion forum. Use the Github Issue Tracker to follow the ongoing development, or use the Waffle Board for a development overview.

Stories in Progress

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project
  • Write tests for your new feature or a test that reproduces a bug
  • Implement your feature or make a bug fix
  • Do not mess with Rakefile, version or history
  • Commit, push and make a pull request. Bonus points for topical branches.


Lagotto is released under the MIT License.

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