Custom JavaScript Dropdown Replacement
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ATMCASH Dropdowns

A Prototype JS Class that creates a replacement style-lized select box menu.


  • Supports Tabbing into the select box.
  • Type searching (ex: and item in select box is Apple, when open start typing the word and it will select it).
  • Easily Skinnable with CSS.
  • Fires a custom event on original select box.
  • Changes the value on the original select box when changed on custom replacement.
  • Tested on IE6,firefox,chrome,safari.

Class Summary

Constructs an ATMCASHDropdown object

<select id="original"><option value="apple">Apples</option></select>

The script automatically replaces all the select boxes on dom:loaded but you can also create them on demand.

This will create the replacement dropdown for select box with id original

new Dropdowns('original');


This is a static Method that creates a replacement dropdown for all boxes found in the page. Add class name replaced if you don't wish to have a specific select item to be chagned. Dropdowns.create(); Methods This will manually change the value of both the Custom Dropdown and the original select box based on value Dropdowns.setValue('original','apple'); Manually set the value of both Custom dropdown and select box based the on the index Dropdowns.setSelectedIndex('original',0); Returns the Dropdown Class Instance for the select element Dropdowns.getObject('original'); Observing custom Blur event: $('original').observe('dropdown:blur',function(){ alert('Value Changed to: '+$F(this); });