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Entity Linking (EL)

This repo contains instructions for running the Wikidata EL system of UIUC's Blender Lab.

Related paper:

Improving Candidate Retrieval with Entity Profile Generation for Wikidata Entity Linking
Tuan Manh Lai, Heng Ji, and ChengXiang Zhai
Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2022) Findings


  • (December 8 2021) We added some minor updates to our EL system. Please pull the latest Docker docker pull laituan245/wikidata_el_demo.

Running Instructions

Knowledge Base (Wikidata)

The very first step is to start an ElasticSearch (ES) Docker container that has information of Wikidata entities.

docker run --net=host  -e "discovery.type=single-node" laituan245/wikidata-es

It may take few minutes for ES to be fully loaded. To check whether ES has been fully loaded, you can run:

curl localhost:9200/en_wikidata/_count

The result should be


Since there are 40,239,259 indexed Wikidata entities in our ES container.

Entity Linking System

After the ES container is started, you can then freely use our EL system to link mentions to Wikidata entities. The command is:

git clone
docker run --net=host --gpus '"device=0"' --rm -v ./EL-Dockers/samples:/shared laituan245/wikidata_el_demo --input_fp /shared/test_inputs.jsonl --output_fp test_outputs.jsonl

We provided a sample input file and the model's corresponding output file. Please refer to the files to see the formats. For example, the second input in the file is:

Introduced in 2018 <m> BERT </m> is a powerful deep learning model

Our model's top candidates and their probability scores are:

Q61726893 (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) - 0.9999063014984131
Q840922 (bit error rate) - 0.0036758678033947945
Q17087180 (Torch) - 2.56186837077621e-07
Q11589914 (Bert Kersey) - 8.861724154485273e-08
Q2890642 (Beit Berl College) - 2.688107514359217e-09


If you have any feedback or question, please send me an email at or open a Github issue here.


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