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Roma mobile

Welcome to the repository of Roma mobile.

Roma mobile is an open source web application providing realtime information and services about public and private transport.

In particular, the following services are available for Rome:

  • Public transport network: route search, timetables, real-time bus waiting times, news
  • Real-time journey planner
  • Weather

The main input of Roma mobile consists of several GTFS feeds:

  • a static GTFS feed with the description of routes, timetabling etc.
  • a realtime GTFS feed of Vehicle Positions
  • a realtime GTFS feed with Service Alerts (news)

Roma mobile has been forked from the open source project Muoversi a Roma (formely Atac mobile), which used to be developed by Roma servizi per la mobilità.

Running a development server

Requirements: Docker and Docker Compose V2.

Warning 1: currently the dockerized environment for Roma mobile is only suitable for development purpose.

Warning 2: currently the dockerized environment does not build the javascript app

Start and init your database:

docker compose up -d postgis
docker compose run giano sh -c 'python wait_for_database && python syncdb'

You will be prompted to create a superuser account. Create one if you wish to access the Django admin interface. Then load the fixtures:

docker compose run giano python loaddata servizi mercury paline carteggi aree

Load public transport network; this command will take several minutes

docker compose run giano python scarica_dati_tpl

All done! We are now ready to start the full application stack:

docker compose up -d

You can visit the home page at http://localhost:8000. After a minute, you will be able to use services (bus waiting times, route planner).