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A python GUI to display & control DPS5005 power supply

  • Hardware: DPS5005
  • Software: v1.6

Additional settings within hardware:

  • hold 'up' arrow while powering on to access interface setup area.
  • Modbus unit ID, baud rate, BT pin etc.
  • Press 'set' twice in succession to exit.
  • note: baud rate 2400 & 19200 does not appear to work. 4800 & 9600 OK.


What can it do:

  • connect to serial port
  • switch output ON/OFF
  • set voltage & current levels
  • display voltage & current in chart
  • export voltage & current from chart as *.CSV
  • adjust brightness
  • lock hardware buttons
  • load, view and run *.CSV file (time, voltage & current)
  • Added battery charge capability

Serial port:

  • select baud rate (must match hardware configuration)
  • select slave address (must match hardware configuration)
  • Connect - automatically searches and connects to port (button status shows 'Connected' or 'Disconnected') (only tested in linux but should work with windows)
  • New feature - serial port can be fixed by modifying 'port_set' parameter within 'dps5005_limits.ini'


CSV now has 2 functions:

  1. Preconfigured files can be imported to allow automated output control of the PSU. 'Sample.csv' is provided as an example. File -> Open, to load pre-configured *.CSV file, it then displays number of remaining steps. Select 'CSV run' to action the file. Select 'CSV clear' to remove unwanted remaining steps.

  2. Imported CSV files can be viewed prior to Serial port connection using ‘CSV view’ button. This function is unavailable when Serial communications is established.


Basic Power supply mode

  • set Voltage limit
  • set Current limit
  • press 'Set' to load parameters then 'ON' to begin

Battery Charging

NiCad/NiMH - based on (-dV) negative delta V or better known as Peak Detect.

  • set absolute maximum safe charging voltage 'Voltage Max'
  • set 'Constant Current'
  • set 'Terminate (-dV)'
  • press 'Set' to load parameters then 'ON' to begin

Li-Ion/Lipo - based CCCV using taper current as termination.

  • set 'Constant Voltage'
  • set 'Constant Current'
  • set 'Terminate (A)'
  • press 'Set' to load parameters then 'ON' to begin

Note: Termination control begins 5seconds after charge start allowing current to stabilise.

Check out for more information.

Disclaimer: User is responsible for safety. Program allows flexibility choose your values carefully.

Using other 'DPSxxxx' units

Configuring this program for other 'DPSxxxx' units should hopefully be straight forward to achieve by modifying the parameters within this file 'dps5005_limits.ini'.

  • adjust the safety levels, Max/Min values
  • adjust the decimal point position

Chart colours

The background, axis & pen colours and line (pen) width may be manipulated within the Section Three of the 'dps5005_limits.ini' file. Two examples exist.

  • background colour
  • axis colour
  • pen colour
  • pen weight


  • Python2
pip install pyserial
pip install MinimalModbus
pip install PyQt5
pip install pyqtgraph
if using python2.7: 
  pip install configparser


pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Python3
pip3 install pyserial
pip3 install MinimalModbus
pip3 install PyQt5
pip3 install pyqtgraph


pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Developed with:

  • dps_GUI.ui - QT designer v5.9.2
  • - Python 2.7.14
  • - Python 2.7.14
  • dps5005_limits.ini - text file

Download & run:

git clone
cd DPS5005_pyGUI/source_files/




A python gui to display & control DPS5005 power supply




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