A pure Clojure/ClojureScript URI library
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A pure Clojure/ClojureScript URI library.

Key features

  • 100% cross-platform .cljc
  • RFC compliant joining of URIs
  • relative URIs as first class citizens


There are a number of Clojure libraries for working with URI/URLs (see Similar projects below). They all rely to some degree on java.net.URI or java.net.URL. This lib provides a pure-Clojure/ClojureScript alternative.

See the announcement blog post


To install, add the following dependency to your project or build file:

[lambdaisland/uri "1.1.0"]

API docs

lambdaisland/uri API docs


(require '[lambdaisland.uri :refer [uri join]])

;; uri :: String -> lambdaisland.uri.URI
(uri "//example.com/foo/bar")
;;=> #lambdaisland/uri "//example.com/foo/bar"

;; A URI is a record, use assoc to update specific parts
;; Use `str` if you want the URI back as a string
 (assoc (uri "//example.com/foo/bar")
        :scheme "https"
        :user "arne"
        :password "supersecret"
        :host "lambdaisland.com"
        :port "3333"
        :path "/hello/world"
        :query "q=5"
        :fragment "section1"))
;;=> "https://arne:supersecret@lambdaisland.com:3333/hello/world?q=5#section1"

;; RFC compliant joining of relative URIs
(join "//example.com/foo/bar" "./~arne/site/" "../foo.png")
;;=> #lambdaisland/uri "//example.com/foo/~arne/foo.png"

;; Arguments to `join` are coerced, you can pass strings, java.net.URI, or any x
;; for which `(str x)` returns a URI string.
(join (java.net.URI. "http://example.com/foo/bar")  (uri "./~arne/site/") "../foo.png")
;;=> #lambdaisland/uri "http://example.com/foo/~arne/foo.png"

;; URI implements IFn for keyword based lookup, so it's fully
;; interface-compatible with Clojure maps.
(:path (uri "http://example.com/foo/bar"))

;; Instances of URI are printed with a #lambdaisland/uri reader tag. To read
;; them back from EDN, use the provided readers.
(require '[clojure.edn :as edn])

 {:readers lambdaisland.uri/edn-readers}
 "#lambdaisland/uri \"http://example.com/foo/~arne/foo.png\"")

Similar projects

  • exploding-fish I was not aware at the time of creating lambdaisland/uri of exploding fish. It is the most mature pure-Clojure URI lib out there. It does not provide ClojureScript support.
  • cemerick/url Cross platform (cljx), Clojure version uses java.net.URI.
  • michaelklishin/urly Based on java.net.URI.
  • codonnell/uri Based on java.net.URI.

Further reading

RFC3986 Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax

This library implements the algorithm specified in Section 5.2 of that RFC.

It has been tested against this list of test cases compiled by the W3C.


Copyright © 2017 Arne Brasseur

Distributed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.