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Libfins - Multi platform MIT licensed FINS library in C

Libfins is a multi platform library with routines to communicate with Omron PLCs over the FINS protocol. FINS is an inter-PLC protocol which allows hardware layer independent exchange of data between PLCs. Omron PLCs support the exchange of data over serial lines, TCP, UDP and bus systems. This library currently implements the FINS/TCP communication.

FINS is a client server protocol where a client sends requests to a remote server and processes their answer. The libfins library contains almost all of the publically documented functionality. The only functionality currently missing is using a PLC as gateway to execute Compoway/F and Modbus commands over SCU serial units. These features will be implemented and tested in the near future though.


The libfins library is licensed with the MIT license. This should give maximum flexibility when using the library in both open en closed source applications.

Server functionality, UDP and other hardware layers

The libfins library currently supports client mode operation and FINS/TCP as hardware layer only. Both server functionality and support for other hardware layers are available, but not as part of this open source software package. If you would like more information, please contact me directly.

Installation of the library

The installation procedure of the library is covered in a separate installation document.

Usage of the library

The examples sub directory contains examples explaining how the routines in the library can be integrated in an application. Furthermore there is an API reference as work in progress.

Multi platform

The Libfins library is developed to be used on multiple platforms. It currently supports Linux, Windows, OS-X and FreeBSD in 32 and 64 bit and on x86 and AMD architectures. New versions of the code are regularly compiled and checked on the systems mentioned in the following lists.

32 bit development environments

Operating System Compiler
Centos 6.8 gcc 4.4.7
Debian 8.6 gcc 4.9.2
FreeBSD 10.3 clang 3.4.1
Raspbian gcc 4.8
Windows 7 Visual Studio 2015

64 bit development environments

Operating system Compiler
Centos 6.8 gcc 4.4.7
Centos 7.2.1511 gcc 4.8.5
Debian 8.6 gcc 4.9.2
FreeBSD 10.3 clang 3.4.1
OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Apple LLVM 8.0.0
Windows 7 Visual Studio 2015