Force-enables or force-disables plugins specified in config/application.php.
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Bedrock plugin control

Are you using some special plugins on your development machine, for example Query Monitor?

The problem, as you probably already know, is that these development-related plugins are also deployed to production machine. And we don't need development plugins there.

A partial solution is to include these plugins in the require-dev part of composer.json. That way, they get installed only locally. However, if you also deploy the database to the production server,they are still activated there.

This must use plugin activates or deactivates the development plugins based on the environment. The only requirement is to add a new variable $BEDROCK_DEV_PLUGINS into config/application.php in your Bedrock-powered web application and add this plugin into the require part of the composer.json.


I usually use Query Monitor, Debug Bar Console, P3 Profiler and Rewrite Rules Inspector on my dev machine. My project's composer.json thus looks like this:

  "require": {
      "lamosty/bedrock-plugin-control": "~0.1.1"
  "require-dev": {
        "wpackagist-plugin/query-monitor": "dev-trunk",
        "wpackagist-plugin/debug-bar-console": "dev-trunk",
        "wpackagist-plugin/rewrite-rules-inspector": "dev-trunk",
        "wpackagist-plugin/p3-profiler": "dev-trunk"

config/application.php will then look like this:

 * Plugins which get force-enabled in development environment.
 * Include them in your composer.json "require-dev" so they get installed only on dev machine.
 * Specify relative path to plugin's main PHP file.