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package dotc
import core._
import Contexts._
import typer.{TyperPhase, RefChecks}
import cc.CheckCaptures
import parsing.Parser
import Phases.Phase
import transform._
import backend.jvm.{CollectSuperCalls, GenBCode}
import localopt.StringInterpolatorOpt
/** The central class of the dotc compiler. The job of a compiler is to create
* runs, which process given `phases` in a given `rootContext`.
class Compiler {
/** Meta-ordering constraint:
* DenotTransformers that change the signature of their denotation's info must go
* after erasure. The reason is that denotations are permanently referred to by
* TermRefs which contain a signature. If the signature of a symbol would change,
* all refs to it would become outdated - they could not be dereferenced in the
* new phase.
* After erasure, signature changing denot-transformers are OK because signatures
* are never recomputed later than erasure.
def phases: List[List[Phase]] =
frontendPhases ::: picklerPhases ::: transformPhases ::: backendPhases
/** Phases dealing with the frontend up to trees ready for TASTY pickling */
protected def frontendPhases: List[List[Phase]] =
List(new Parser) :: // Compiler frontend: scanner, parser
List(new TyperPhase) :: // Compiler frontend: namer, typer
List(new CheckUnused) :: // Check for unused elements
List(new YCheckPositions) :: // YCheck positions
List(new sbt.ExtractDependencies) :: // Sends information on classes' dependencies to sbt via callbacks
List(new semanticdb.ExtractSemanticDB) :: // Extract info into .semanticdb files
List(new PostTyper) :: // Additional checks and cleanups after type checking
List(new sjs.PrepJSInterop) :: // Additional checks and transformations for Scala.js (Scala.js only)
List(new sbt.ExtractAPI) :: // Sends a representation of the API of classes to sbt via callbacks
List(new SetRootTree) :: // Set the `rootTreeOrProvider` on class symbols
/** Phases dealing with TASTY tree pickling and unpickling */
protected def picklerPhases: List[List[Phase]] =
List(new Pickler) :: // Generate TASTY info
List(new Inlining) :: // Inline and execute macros
List(new PostInlining) :: // Add mirror support for inlined code
List(new Staging) :: // Check staging levels and heal staged types
List(new Splicing) :: // Replace level 1 splices with holes
List(new PickleQuotes) :: // Turn quoted trees into explicit run-time data structures
/** Phases dealing with the transformation from pickled trees to backend trees */
protected def transformPhases: List[List[Phase]] =
List(new InstrumentCoverage) :: // Perform instrumentation for code coverage (if -coverage-out is set)
List(new FirstTransform, // Some transformations to put trees into a canonical form
new CheckReentrant, // Internal use only: Check that compiled program has no data races involving global vars
new ElimPackagePrefixes, // Eliminate references to package prefixes in Select nodes
new CookComments, // Cook the comments: expand variables, doc, etc.
new CheckStatic, // Check restrictions that apply to @static members
new CheckLoopingImplicits, // Check that implicit defs do not call themselves in an infinite loop
new BetaReduce, // Reduce closure applications
new InlineVals, // Check right hand-sides of an `inline val`s
new ExpandSAMs, // Expand single abstract method closures to anonymous classes
new ElimRepeated, // Rewrite vararg parameters and arguments
new RefChecks) :: // Various checks mostly related to abstract members and overriding
List(new init.Checker) :: // Check initialization of objects
List(new CrossVersionChecks, // Check issues related to deprecated and experimental
new ProtectedAccessors, // Add accessors for protected members
new ExtensionMethods, // Expand methods of value classes with extension methods
new UncacheGivenAliases, // Avoid caching RHS of simple parameterless given aliases
new ElimByName, // Map by-name parameters to functions
new HoistSuperArgs, // Hoist complex arguments of supercalls to enclosing scope
new ForwardDepChecks, // Check that there are no forward references to local vals
new SpecializeApplyMethods, // Adds specialized methods to FunctionN
new TryCatchPatterns, // Compile cases in try/catch
new PatternMatcher) :: // Compile pattern matches
List(new TestRecheck.Pre) :: // Test only: run rechecker, enabled under -Yrecheck-test
List(new TestRecheck) :: // Test only: run rechecker, enabled under -Yrecheck-test
List(new CheckCaptures.Pre) :: // Preparations for check captures phase, enabled under captureChecking
List(new CheckCaptures) :: // Check captures, enabled under captureChecking
List(new ElimOpaque, // Turn opaque into normal aliases
new sjs.ExplicitJSClasses, // Make all JS classes explicit (Scala.js only)
new ExplicitOuter, // Add accessors to outer classes from nested ones.
new ExplicitSelf, // Make references to non-trivial self types explicit as casts
new StringInterpolatorOpt, // Optimizes raw and s and f string interpolators by rewriting them to string concatenations or formats
new DropBreaks) :: // Optimize local Break throws by rewriting them
List(new PruneErasedDefs, // Drop erased definitions from scopes and simplify erased expressions
new UninitializedDefs, // Replaces `compiletime.uninitialized` by `_`
new InlinePatterns, // Remove placeholders of inlined patterns
new VCInlineMethods, // Inlines calls to value class methods
new SeqLiterals, // Express vararg arguments as arrays
new InterceptedMethods, // Special handling of `==`, `|=`, `getClass` methods
new Getters, // Replace non-private vals and vars with getter defs (fields are added later)
new SpecializeFunctions, // Specialized Function{0,1,2} by replacing super with specialized super
new SpecializeTuples, // Specializes Tuples by replacing tuple construction and selection trees
new LiftTry, // Put try expressions that might execute on non-empty stacks into their own methods
new CollectNullableFields, // Collect fields that can be nulled out after use in lazy initialization
new ElimOuterSelect, // Expand outer selections
new ResolveSuper, // Implement super accessors
new FunctionXXLForwarders, // Add forwarders for FunctionXXL apply method
new ParamForwarding, // Add forwarders for aliases of superclass parameters
new TupleOptimizations, // Optimize generic operations on tuples
new LetOverApply, // Lift blocks from receivers of applications
new ArrayConstructors) :: // Intercept creation of (non-generic) arrays and intrinsify.
List(new Erasure) :: // Rewrite types to JVM model, erasing all type parameters, abstract types and refinements.
List(new ElimErasedValueType, // Expand erased value types to their underlying implmementation types
new PureStats, // Remove pure stats from blocks
new VCElideAllocations, // Peep-hole optimization to eliminate unnecessary value class allocations
new EtaReduce, // Reduce eta expansions of pure paths to the underlying function reference
new ArrayApply, // Optimize `scala.Array.apply([....])` and `scala.Array.apply(..., [....])` into `[...]`
new sjs.AddLocalJSFakeNews, // Adds fake new invocations to local JS classes in calls to `createLocalJSClass`
new ElimPolyFunction, // Rewrite PolyFunction subclasses to FunctionN subclasses
new TailRec, // Rewrite tail recursion to loops
new CompleteJavaEnums, // Fill in constructors for Java enums
new Mixin, // Expand trait fields and trait initializers
new LazyVals, // Expand lazy vals
new Memoize, // Add private fields to getters and setters
new NonLocalReturns, // Expand non-local returns
new CapturedVars) :: // Represent vars captured by closures as heap objects
List(new Constructors, // Collect initialization code in primary constructors
// Note: constructors changes decls in transformTemplate, no InfoTransformers should be added after it
new Instrumentation) :: // Count calls and allocations under -Yinstrument
List(new LambdaLift, // Lifts out nested functions to class scope, storing free variables in environments
// Note: in this mini-phase block scopes are incorrect. No phases that rely on scopes should be here
new ElimStaticThis, // Replace `this` references to static objects by global identifiers
new CountOuterAccesses) :: // Identify outer accessors that can be dropped
List(new DropOuterAccessors, // Drop unused outer accessors
new CheckNoSuperThis, // Check that supercalls don't contain references to `this`
new Flatten, // Lift all inner classes to package scope
new TransformWildcards, // Replace wildcards with default values
new MoveStatics, // Move static methods from companion to the class itself
new ExpandPrivate, // Widen private definitions accessed from nested classes
new RestoreScopes, // Repair scopes rendered invalid by moving definitions in prior phases of the group
new SelectStatic, // get rid of selects that would be compiled into GetStatic
new sjs.JUnitBootstrappers, // Generate JUnit-specific bootstrapper classes for Scala.js (not enabled by default)
new CollectEntryPoints, // Collect all entry points and save them in the context
new CollectSuperCalls, // Find classes that are called with super
new RepeatableAnnotations) :: // Aggregate repeatable annotations
/** Generate the output of the compilation */
protected def backendPhases: List[List[Phase]] =
List(new backend.sjs.GenSJSIR) :: // Generate .sjsir files for Scala.js (not enabled by default)
List(new GenBCode) :: // Generate JVM bytecode
var runId: Int = 1
def nextRunId: Int = {
runId += 1; runId
def reset()(using Context): Unit = {
val run =
if (run != null) run.reset()
def newRun(using Context): Run = {
val rctx =
if ctx.settings.Xsemanticdb.value then
new Run(this, rctx)