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The Scala Programming Language


  1. scala Public

    Scala 2 compiler and standard library. For bugs, see scala/bug

    Scala 13.9k 3.1k

  2. scala-lang Public

    sources for the Scala language website

    SCSS 219 277

  3. The Scala Documentation website

    HTML 509 944

  4. bug Public

    Scala 2 bug reports only. Please, no questions — proper bug reports only.

    223 20

  5. scala-dev Public

    Scala 2 team issues. Not for user-visible bugs or directly actionable user-visible improvements. For build/test/infra and for longer-term planning and idea tracking. Our bug tracker is at https://g…

    124 11

  6. Scala 2 community build — a corpus of open-source repos built against Scala nightlies

    Scala 115 54