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A personal wiki app for iOS.
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Kiwi is a personal wiki app for iOS. A short list of features:

  • You write pages in Markdown
  • You link pages together with simple [[Bracketed Links]]
  • Pages are synced to Dropbox automatically, so you own your wiki, but it works offline
  • You can add photos, use LaTeX, make checkboxes, and write syntax-highlighted code snippets and prose

Getting started

Are you interested in using the app? Consider supporting me by buying it in the App Store.

If not, here are the instructions for getting started with development:

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Run pod install

  3. Add Dropbox keys.

    To do this, create 2 files in the project's root directory, Keys.development.xcconfig and Keys.production.xcconfig. These files will both have the same structure, which looks like this:

     DROPBOX_APP_KEY = your_dropbox_app_key
     DROPBOX_SECRET_KEY = your_dropbox_secret_key

    You'll need to create a Dropbox "App" integration to get those keys.

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