Unstructured mesh hydrodynamics for advanced architectures
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The PENNANT Mini-App

Charles R. Ferenbaugh
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Version 0.9 -- February 2016


PENNANT is an unstructured mesh physics mini-app designed for advanced
architecture research.  It contains mesh data structures and a few
physics algorithms adapted from the LANL rad-hydro code FLAG, and gives
a sample of the typical memory access patterns of FLAG.

Further documentation can be found in the 'doc' directory of the
PENNANT distribution.

Version Log:

0.9, February 2016:
     Added leblancx64 problem.  Added energy check diagnostic
     for verifying large problems.

0.8, November 2015:
     Added multi-node test problems.  Added information for
     APEX benchmark testing.

0.7, February 2015:
     Further optimizations for MPI+OpenMP.

0.6, February 2014:
     First MPI version.  MPI capability is working and mostly
     optimized; MPI+OpenMP is working but needs optimization.
     Replaced GMV mesh reader with internal mesh generators.
     Added QCS velocity difference routine to reflect a recent
     bugfix in FLAG.  Increased size of big test problems.

0.5, May 2013:
     Further optimizations.

0.4, January 2013:
     First open-source release.  Fixed a bug in QCS and added some
     optimizations.  Added Sedov and Leblanc test problems, and some
     new input keywords to support them.

0.3, July 2012:
     Added OpenMP pragmas and point chunk processing.  Modified physics
     state arrays to be flat arrays instead of STL vectors.

0.2, June 2012:
     Added side chunk processing.  Miscellaneous minor cleanup.

0.1, March 2012:
     Initial release, internal LANL only.