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Pavilion is a software framework for running and analyzing jobs/tests targeting HPC systems.

Python 2.7 based


    set the ENV variable PVINSTALL to point to the installation directory 
    (for example - "setenv PVINSTALL /users/me/pavilion")
    add to your search path this directory plus "/PAV"
    (for example - "setenv PATH ${PVINSTALL}/PAV:${PVINSTALL}/PAV/scripts:${PATH}")
    create own default and test specific config files. See examples in $PVINSTALL/docs dir
    run the tool - "pav -h"

Version 1.1.2

Verified to work with Moab scheduler thus far. Support for both for Slurm and Raw in version 1.1.0.

Collaboration tips:

  • add new features (sub-commands) to the plugins directory or append new path to the ENV variable PV_PLUGIN_DIR and place code there.
  • all remaining support code add to the modules directory or append to the ENV variable PV_SRC_DIR and place code there.
  • add support scripts in other languages to the scripts directory


Project goals:

  • Support multiple schedulers/resource managers
  • Modular to encourage collaboration
  • Simple to add tests, but highly configurable
  • Backward compatible (where reasonable) to the Gazebo test framework
  • Development adheres to a well know set of developement and coding principles
  • Open source and managed thru git
  • No extra files necessary to be placed into users test/job directory to hook into Pavilion
  • Only one command needed to run cli. Sub commands under "pav" umbrella


See the README.txt file in the docs directory for more detailed information