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This project is no longer actively maintained.

This one is (as of this writing): lionheart/python-harvest

Harvest API


from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from harvest import Harvest

h = Harvest( '', '', 'mypassword' )
user = h.find_user( 'John', 'Doe' )
if user:
        print 'The user ID = %d' %

        start =
        end = start + timedelta(7)

        total = 0
        for entry in user.entries( start, end ):
                total += entry.hours

        print 'Total hours worked = %f' % total


import sys
from harvest import Harvest, HarvestError
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import time

URI = ''
EMAIL = ''
PASS = 'xxxxxx'

h = Harvest(URI,EMAIL,PASS)

while True:
        total = 0
        dose = 0

        start = hour=0, minute=0, second=0 )
        end = start + timedelta(1)
                for user in h.users():
                        for entry in user.entries( start, end ):
                                total += entry.hours

                text = '%0.02f' % total
                print text

        except HarvestError:
                print 'Retrying in 5 minutes...'



for project in h.projects:
        print project
        print project.client
        for assignment in project.task_assignments:
                print '\t',assignment
        for entry in project.entries:
                print '\t',entry
                print '\t\ttask:',entry.task


for client in h.clients:
        print client
        for contact in client.contacts:
                print '\t',contact
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