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👑 iOS personal wealth manager with secure and decentralized storage
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Lannister iOS 👑

Lannister allows anyone to keep track and analyze the distribution of their holdings both in crypto and fiat (banks, deposits, savings, etc).

Lannister Showcase

💭 Inspiration We started building Lannister because we needed a way to keep track of our holdings both in crypto and fiat (banks, deposits, savings, etc). It was also fundamental to have security and privacy in mind. No central server that could compromise our identity and financial data.

📊 What it does Lannister allows anyone to keep track of their holdings, follow its progress and easily analyze their distribution. It's simple to use for anyone who wants to take control of their financial life.

⭐️ Unique features Convenient: crypto and fiat, all-in-one place (supporting now 12 fiat and 2 crypto currencies with more to come) Secure: runs locally on your phone, supports biometric access, optionally syncs with secure end-to-end encryption and decentralized storage via Blockstack infrastructure Open: completely open-source

💻 Platforms We're building Lannister for iOS and web, though only iOS is available at the moment. Both platforms will be able to sync information via Blockstack's infrastructure and keep information securely stored. Android is also coming in the next months.

🔮 Future plans Here's a list of some of the features we're planning:

  • Predictions
  • Retrospective analysis
  • Financial goals and recommendations


To get an overview of the current development status head over to our roadmap.



Clone the project and install the required dependencies via cocoapods with:

pod install

Open Lannister.xcworkspace and you're ready 🎉


Work in progress 🏗


lannister-ios is under the GPLv3 and the MPLv2 license.

See LICENSE for more license info.

Made at Done Sunday 🌞 by @alvesjtiago and @_andre_sousa.

Join us on Discord to help shape Lannister's future.

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