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VS Code Issue Tracker

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The VS Code Issue Tracker is a visualization of the issue count on the Microsoft/vscode repository over time.

The initial inspiration for this was to track the progress of microsoft/vscode#58336.

You can visit the site live here:

Webstack Description

The basis of the issue tracker is a serverless backend combined with a static frontend.

The backend consists of an AWS Lambda function which sends a query to the Github V4 GraphQL API once an hour to see the current number of issues on the repository. That is stored in a Cloud Firestore database.

Then, I have a scheduled job to pull the last 3 days as well as last month of entries for the recent and monthly graphs. It saves these entries to a local JS file and commits it to the repo once an hour through Git.

Finally, I wrote a simple frontend using C3.js to display the two graphs on a page. This is then committed to GitHub here and deployed to Netlify across their Application Delivery Network.

Future plans include making this more generalized so anyone can spin up a very similar project with ease.


A webapp to visualize the issue count of Microsoft/vscode




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