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A fresh way to write well-formatted text, by typing markdownized stuff on web.
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MarkdownIME is a fresh and fast way to make text formatted, and a minimal & powerful web rich-text editor.

  • MINIMAL: No 3rd-party dependency. No buttons or stylesheets. Only require one div[contentEditable] and one script tags.
  • POWERFUL: With Markdown markups and shortkeys, you can typeset your document on-the-fly.

Try out the demo. Works like a charm on desktop and mobile!

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Quickstart / Guide

Make a simpliest editor:

  1. Include MarkdownIME
    • Via NPM: const MarkdownIME = require("markdown-ime")
    • or, via Script Tag: <script src=""></script>
  2. Insert an HTML tag: <div contentEditable id="editor"><p>Hello World</p></div>
  3. Activate MarkdownIME in one JavaScript: MarkdownIME.Enhance(MarkdownIME.Scan(window));

Using other editor like TinyMCE / Quill? Please follow the examples.

More info can be found in examples and manual



With MarkdownIME, user inputs Markdown, you get HTML Nodes instantly -- all Markdown markups are discarded.

If you want the intact Markdown rather than rendered HTML, maybe HyperMD -- a WYSIWYG Markdown Editor is what you need!

Supported Editor

  • Vanilla contenteditable elements - a div[contentEditable] makes everything.
  • Other rich-text editor based on contentEditable

Supported Shorkeys

Full list can be found here.

Key Feature Key Feature
Ctrl + I Toggle Italic Ctrl + B Toggle Bold
Ctrl + U Toggle Underline
Ctrl + Shift + = superscript Ctrl + = subscript
Ctrl + L justifyLeft Ctrl + E justifyCenter
Ctrl + R justifyRight
Key Feature
` Mark selected text as inline-code

Shortkeys in Tables

Key Feature Key Feature
Insert Insert a column after Shift + Insert Insert a column before
Tab Go next cell, or insert a row Shift + Tab Go previous cell
Up Go cell above current Down Go cell under current
Key Feature
Enter If current row is empty, finish the table. Otherwise, insert a row below.

Note that some shortkeys might be unavaliable in some browsers; MarkdownIME shortkeys are disabled in TinyMCE by default.

Supported Markdown Markups

Block Elements

  • Headers (beginning with # )
  • Horizontal ( --- )
  • (Nested) Lists
  • (Nested) Blockquote
  • Code Block

Span Elements

  • Links
  • Emphasis
  • In-line Code
  • Strikethrough
  • Images
  • Emojis ( eg. :) or :smile: )


  • Create a table with | table | column | headers | and Enter key
  • Use shortkeys to navigate and master the table (see above)
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