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Easy View Presenters

So you have those scenarios where a bit of logic needs to be performed before some data (likely from your entity) is displayed from the view.

  • Should that logic be hard-coded into the view? No.
  • Should we instead store the logic in the model? No again!

Instead, leverage view presenters. That's what they're for! This package provides one such implementation.


Pull this package in through Composer.

    "require": {
        "laracasts/presenter": "0.1.*"


The first step is to store your presenters somewhere - anywhere. These will be simple objects that do nothing more than format data, as required.

Here's an example of a presenter.

use Laracasts\Presenter\Presenter;

class UserPresenter extends Presenter {

    public function fullName()
        return $this->first . ' ' . $this->last;

    public function accountAge()
        return $this->created_at->diffForHumans();


Next, on your entity, pull in the Laracasts\Presenter\PresentableTrait trait, which will automatically instantiate your presenter class.

Here's an example - maybe a Laravel User model.


use Laracasts\Presenter\PresentableTrait;

class User extends \Eloquent {

    use PresentableTrait;

    protected $presenter = 'UserPresenter';


That's it! You're done. Now, within your view, you can do:

    <h1>Hello, {{ $user->present()->fullName }}</h1>

Notice how the call to the present() method (which will return your new or cached presenter object) also provides the benefit of making it perfectly clear where you must go, should you need to modify how a full name is displayed on the page.

Have fun!

Jeffrey @