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This pull request includes the changes for upgrading to Laravel 5.0.

Before merging, you should:

  • Checkout the laravel-5.0-shift branch
  • Review all pull request comments for additional changes
  • Run composer update
  • Thoroughly test your application

Commit any additional changes to the laravel-5.0-shift branch. If there were changes you feel could have been automated, please leave a comment on this pull request to help improve Laravel Shift.

added some commits Jan 10, 2016
@laravel-shift Shift project folders
Laravel 5 has a new project folder structure. This commit simply moves
folders to their new locations in an effort to preserve their Git
@laravel-shift Adopt PSR-2 coding style
The Laravel framework adopts the PSR-2 coding style in version 5.1.
Laravel apps *should* adopt this coding style as well. Read the
[PSR-2 coding style guide][1] for more details and check out [PHPCS][2]
to use as a code formatting tool.

@laravel-shift Shift controllers
Laravel 5 replaced `app/controllers/BaseController` with
`app/Http/Controllers/Controller`. Any custom code within the
`BaseController` class has been moved to the new `Controller` class and
all controllers have been updated to extend `Controller`.
@laravel-shift Shift user authentication
Update the `User` model to the new authentication system in Laravel 5.
@laravel-shift Shift models
Laravel 5 models now extend `Model` and the `SoftDeletingTrait` was
renamed to `SoftDeletes`.
@laravel-shift Shift blade templates
Laravel 5 now escapes all output from both the `{{ }}` and `{{{ }}}`
Blade directives. A new `{!! !!}` directive has been introduced to
display raw, unescaped output. To prevent incorrect escaping all
instances of `{{ }}` where changed to `{!! !!}`.
@laravel-shift Shift filters
Laravel 5 replaces *Filters* with *Middleware* and enables CSRF
protection by default. This commit updates the code to use the new
`auth` and `csrf` middleware, but disables global CSRF protection.
@laravel-shift Shift commands
Laravel 5 moved registering commands from `start/artisan.php` to the
`$command` array of `app/Console/Kernel.php`.
@laravel-shift Remove old app/start files 6e8a76b
@laravel-shift Shift providers and aliases app configurations b73ded5
@laravel-shift Shift app configuration b859e1c
@laravel-shift Add App namespace
Laravel 5 adopts PSR-4 namespacing. This commit adds the proper `App`
namespace to all classes under the `app/` folder as well as `use`
statements for app classes and Laravel facades.
@laravel-shift Shift Laravel dependencies 0a41685
@laravel-shift Add new .env.example configuration file 07a73db

The new storage folders required by Laravel 5 have been merged with your app/storage folder. If you are not using custom storage paths in your app, you only need the storage/app, storage/framework, and storage/logs folders. You can remove the others.


Laravel 5 offers Elixir for asset management. Since your 4.2. project did not use Elixir, I did not add it. If you wish to use Elixir, you should review the documentation and add the necessary files from a new Laravel 5 app.


Laravel 5 enables CSRF protection by default. Since this was not enabled in Laravel 4.2, I disabled it. You should add CSRF protection to your app then re-add 'App\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken' to $middleware in app/Http/Kernel.php.


Laravel 5 does environment configuration differently. You need to copy .env.example to .env. This is the equivalent of the old .env.php file. Migrate any custom values you had in your old .env.php to the new .env file as well as any configuration values that vary by environment. You access these configuration values using the new env() method. Review the documentation on Environment Configuration for more details.

@laravel-shift laravel-shift deleted the laravel-5.0-shift branch Oct 25, 2016
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