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Android calendar <-> org mode
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Tom Hinton
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A calendar adapter to bridge Android with emacs org-mode.

This application provides an android calendar sync-adapter which reads & writes a directory of org-mode files on the device and populates the android system calendar.

You can then sync your on-device files with your normal org mode how you like (e.g. syncthing, dropbox, git, …)

Supported types of date

There are lots of ways to write an org-mode date / time, and they don’t all map to the types of date android calendar storage likes.

At the moment the app supports the kinds of date I use commonly which are:

  • Single dates like <2018-01-22 Mon>
  • Dates with a time like <2018-01-22 Mon 17:30>
  • Dates with a time range like <2018-01-22 Mon 17:30-19:30>
  • Date ranges like <2018-01-22 Mon>–<2018-01-24 Wed>
  • Date ranges with times, like <2018-01-22 Mon 17:00>–<2018-01-25 Thu 17:00>

It doesn’t yet handle repeating dates, but I hope to make that work one day. This is complicated because android works quite differently here.

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