Open source, distributed, secure data synchronization using the clearskies protocol
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Open source, distributed data synchronization software using the clearskies protocol.

Protocol description

Status of the project

  • This project is abandoned, but is left here as a reference, especially wrt uvpp, sqlitepp and vector clock management, reasons follow:
  • The protocol should be binary for efficiency.
  • I would use FRP patterns to handle events instead of callbacks.
  • In retrospective using the visitor pattern was a lot of boilerplate.
  • There's Syncthing that while is programmed in go, covers most of my use cases.
  • Early stages of development, there's nothing here for users. Only if you are willing to help and contribute. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT YET FUNCTIONAL

  • For a functioning synchronization client please go to


We would like you to join and help with development, documentation or graphic design. Please post to the group first to avoid duplicating efforts.


If you can't dedicate some time to the project you can still give support by donating some money such as Bitcoin to the following address:


Or through the bountysource fundraiser


  • boost >= 1.49
  • libboost-test-dev
  • libboost-filesystem (v3)
  • libsqlite3-dev
  • ninja (ninja-build on debian)

You can use one of the scripts/setup_environment... scripts to install the dependencies or as a guide to install the required dependencies manually.

Included dependencies

  • libuv (vendor/libuv)
  • gyp (tools/gyp) WARNING: watch out for interactions with the installed system gyp modules! this can produce errors as the python module search path might use the ones on the system instead of the installed one.

Supported compilers

Development is done with GCC 4.8 and boost 1.54, so far this is the only compiler guaranteed to be able to build the project. (My development machine runs Debian GNU/Linux testing (jessie))

The project is implemented in C++11, the compiler should support the features used from this standard. The following compilers should also work:

  • GCC >= 4.7
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Clang

Our target is to support the following platforms in order of development effort: Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, iOS.

Build instructions


Status of the project

  • Low level assembling of messages and payload completed
  • Implementing the CS protocol
  • Integrating required libraries
  • Implementing share infrastructure

Discussion group!forum/clearskies-dev