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vimgdb patch for vim7.3 modified from vimgdb72-1.14
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About this patch

This is a vim(v7.3) patch to provide Gdb support within Vim, It's modified from vimgdb72-1.14 (


The patch vimgdb implements full gdb support in the vim editor: breakpoints, watch variables, gdb command completion, assembly windows, etc.

vimgdb install

  1. You need:


vimgdb-for-vim7.3 (this patch)

  1. Untar all files, apply the patch and make Vim:

tar xjvf vim-7.3.tar.bz2 -C /tmp

tar xzvf vimgdb-for-vim7.3.tar.gz -C /tmp

cd /tmp

patch -p0 < vimgdb-for-vim7.3/vim73.patch

cd vim73/src


sudo make install

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must run make (not ./configure), and if you run ./configure then you must add the --enable-gdb command line argument in order to include the gdb feature (vimgdb) in vim.

  1. Install vimGdb runtime:

Copy the file vimgdb_runtime found in the vimgdb tarball, to your runtime path. To find your runtime path location execute the vim command (this is usually $HOME/.vim): :set runtimepath?

cp -rf /tmp/vimgdb-for-vim7.3/vimgdb_runtime/* ~/.vim

Change to the doc directory, start Vim and run the ":helptags ." command to process the taglist help file. Without this step, you cannot jump to the taglist help topics. You can now use the ":help vimgdb" command to get the vimGdb documentation.

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