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This is a simple library providing synchronization and work distribution abstractions, assuming as little as possible about the client code (and thus providing minimal help with data abstraction and so on). The fact that shared memory is provided as flat arrays of primitive values is exposed in all constructors, for example.

These all work in Firefox Nightly.

Each file usually lists the other files it needs to be included.

See doc/ for tutorials, etc.

See demo/ for some programs that use these data structures.

See test/ for more programs, not tutorial in nature, that use these data structures.

High level facilities

  • load-balancing data parallel framework (par.js)
  • messaging system with value marshaling (channel.js)

Mid-level facilities

  • shared-memory queue for bundles of integer values (intqueue.js)
  • shared-memory queue for single primitive values (buffer.js)
  • shared-memory "bump" memory allocator (bump-alloc.js)

Low-level facilities

  • signaling facility for atomic values (synchronic.js)
  • barrier synchronization (barrier.js)
  • asymmetric master/worker barrier synchronization (asymmetric-barrier.js)
  • atomics polyfill for SharedFloat64Array (float64atomics.js)
  • atomics polyfill for "int64" values on SharedInt32Array (int64atomics.js)
  • classical locks and condition variables (lock.js)


  • marshaling and unmarshaling of values (marshaler.js)
  • simple allocation superstructure for array buffers (arena.js)


Simple utilities on top of SharedArrayBuffer / SharedTypedArray




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