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A tiny simple script for a Photobooth
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Photobooth Python

Thats a very simple script for a photobooth with a Raspberry PI. Its also using the gphoto library.

Function Overview

  1. The Monitor shows a Introduction to press the button
  2. User press the Button
  3. Now starts a countdown of 5 seconds
  4. The Camera takes a photo (look at gphoto if your camera is supported)
  5. The Photo is shown for few seconds
  6. Go back to zero


  • If you want that the script starts at boot, place "sudo python /home/pi/photobooth/ &" in your rc.local
  • Edit the pictures in the path "img" and save them in the resolution of your monitor
  • Be sure that you installed gphoto2 and fbi
  • Check if all paths are correct
  • Have fun with your photobooth on your next BBQ
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