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Regular expressions matching to illustrate lexical analysis in MiniJava transpiler
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This repository contains the code to illustrate regular expressions and automata for the lexical analysis part of the MiniJava transpiler, which is documented on

To use the code in the ocaml interpreter do the following.

utop # #use "";;

You can create a regular expression with the following code.

utop # let re = RE.regex_from_string "0*(100*)*1?";;

You can now create a non-deterministic finite automata equivalent to this regular expression with

utop # let nfa = NFA.init re;;

And now, you can test if a string is matched by the regular expression with

utop # NFA.full_match nfa "101010";;
- : bool = true

If you want to launch the test suite, you will need dune, you can install it with opam by executing the following command.

opam install dune

You can now launch the test suite with

dune exec ./test_re.exe
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