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mirbuild is the build system used for almost all projects in's MIR team. It makes it extremely easy to build, test, install and package

  • C++ libraries and services,
  • Thrift interfaces and
  • Python libraries.

It takes care of

  • handling dependencies between projects,
  • doing debug, release and code-coverage builds,
  • running code coverage tools and
  • creating debian packages.


mirbuild is written in Python and needs the setuptools, dateutil, debian and pytest libraries. It also needs cmake for building C++ projects and for running the test suite.

You can build and test mirbuild with

./ test

and install it using:

sudo ./ install


Have a look at mirbuild/ for some usage examples. There's no need to install mirbuild to be able to use it,

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/python-mirbuild

is sufficient.

It helps to stick to a certain structure when building projects with dependencies. Ideally, all projects are either in the same directory or at least below a certain common directory. To automatically build a project and its dependencies, you can run:

python -m mirbuild.walk -p project build

To build a single project when you know that all dependencies are up-to-date and in the directory above, run:

./ --with-deps=.. build