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TweetHog - Stream, filter and react to Twitter status updates

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This tool provides an easy way to stream, filter and optionally react (like, follow, save image, log,...) to tweets based on topic, language and user profile. It is similar to commercial SaaS offerings such as TweetFull, RoboLike or Twitfox. However...

  • TweetHog is free, fast and doesn't require setting up a server
  • You stay in control of your data and don't need to give access to your Twitter account
  • You can improve your Go skills if you choose to adapt it to your specific needs



Make sure you got Go version >= 1.11 installed on your computer. It can be downloaded for free at You might need to install Xcode and agree to its license first on OS X.

Then open a terminal and enter:

go get

To update it afterwards:

go get -u

Note: Your PATH, GOPATH and GOROOT environment variables need to be set correctly for go get to work as expected.


In order to stream status updates, TweetHog needs access to the Twitter API:

  1. Copy config.example.yml to ~/.tweethog
  2. Create your own Twitter API keys & tokens on
  3. Put them in ~/.tweethog by replacing the placeholders

Hint: You can use the --config-file flag to use a different config file.

Note: Due to an issue with the go-twitter library, you won't see any error when using invalid credentials. See comments.

Example Usage

# tweethog filter -t cat
2017/10/27 07:29:47 Starting Twitter stream...

2017/10/27 07:30:08 m$hawtyyy @xmvdieee (Following: 136, Followers: 167, Likes: 1885)
someone get me a cat

2017/10/27 07:30:43 Eldar @Eldurr (Following: 228, Followers: 477, Likes: 3512)
I need a vacation, just told the cat to get the fuck outta here

2017/10/27 07:30:50 Oying Alvarado @oyingalvarado (Following: 195, Followers: 9, Likes: 2447)
There’s a disconcerting lack of cat tweets today


Command Description
config Displays all configuration values
auth Requests a user access token and secret for the Twitter API
filter Shows all matching tweets without performing any action
like Automatically likes all matching tweets
follow Automatically follows all users with matching tweets
smartlike Likes tweets with random delay and rate limit

Global Flags

Name Description
--config-file value, -c value YAML config filename (default: "~/.tweethog")
--consumer-key value Twitter API consumer key
--consumer-secret value Twitter API consumer secret
--access-token value Twitter API user access token
--access-secret value Twitter API user access token secret

Filter Flags

Name Description
--topic value, -t value Stream filter topic e.g. cat, dog, fish
--lang value, -l value Stream filter language e.g. en, de, fr
--min-followers value User min followers (default: 0)
--max-followers value User max followers, 0 for unlimited (default: 0)
--min-following value User min following (default: 0)
--max-following value User max following, 0 for unlimited (default: 0)
--max-tags value Max number of hash #tags (default: 0)
--max-mentions value Max number of @mentions (default: 0)
--retweets Include tweets starting with RT
--replies Include tweets starting with @
--via Include tweets containing via @
--urls Include tweets containing URLs
--images-only Only tweets containing images

Other Flags

Name Description
--save-images value Save all images in a directory
--json-log value Log matching tweets in a file as newline delimited JSON

Default Values

All of the flags can be set in the config file as a default. Example:

max-mentions: 1
max-tags: 2
lang: en
urls: true
retweets: false
replies: false
via: false

Run tweethog config to see the current values.


This tool was created by Michael Mayer in an attempt to learn Go the agile way: Start with something small that works and then refactor and improve. You can use it for free and at your own risk under the terms of the MIT license.

Please feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions or just want to say hello. Contributions are most welcome, even if it's just a bug report or a tiny pull-request to fix a typo.


Stream, filter and react to Twitter status updates on the command line





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