Check your frontend code for files/assets that are no longer used.
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Check your frontend code for files/assets that are no longer used.

Uses the output of webpack --json to see which files are actually used in your bundle, and lists files which haven't been required.


# install webpack-unused
npm install -g webpack-unused

# run webpack using your normal webpack config etc
# with the --json switch to output the stats.json, and pipe to webpack-unused
# unused files in the cwd will be listed
webpack --json | webpack-unused

# if your source code is in a directory, like src/ pass that as a flag:
webpack --json | webpack-unused -s src


  • this doesn't check for any unused npm modules etc that you have installed (node_modules is ignored)
  • webpack-unused will detect non-js files that are required via loaders etc, however any requires that happen outside of webpack's knowledge may be incorrectly reported as unused, for example:
    • css-preprocessor imports, for example less's @import happens outside the webpack flow, so files which are only required via @import will report as unused, even if they are
  • it looks like currently files that would appear in your output from using webpack's NormalModuleReplacementPlugin don't appear in webpack's --json output, and so will be incorrectly reported as unused, while the original may be incorrectly reported as used. issue #1
  • ideally, you'll have all your frontend code in a src/ directory or similar so that you can use the -s flag, if not, any non-frontend code in cwd will be reported as unused


Contributing, etc

This is just a first stab, and I'm publishing it because I constantly look for/rewrite code to achieve this. PRs/Suggestions for improvements very welcome.