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The LaTeX3 Development Repository
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Update test file after \char_set_active_eq_NN change

The test file needs "[" and "]" to be active, but the change to
\char_set_active_eq_NN means that it's only the outcome *when*
they are active that was being set. That is now corrected.
latest commit 38ec3672af
@josephwright josephwright authored

The LaTeX3 Development Repository


The repository contains development material for LaTeX3. This includes not only code to be developed into the LaTeX3 kernel, but also a variety of test, documentation and more experimental material. A great deal of the experimental LaTeX3 code can be loaded within LaTeX2e to allow development and testing to occur.

The following directories contain experimental LaTeX3 code:

  • l3kernel: code which is intended to eventually appear in a stand-alone LaTeX3 format. Most of this material is also usable on top of LaTeX2e when loading the expl3 package.
  • l3packages: code which is written to be used on top of LaTeX2e to experiment with LaTeX3 concepts. The interfaces to these higher-level packages are 'stable'.
  • l3experimental: code which is written to be used on top of LaTeX2e to experiment with LaTeX3 concepts. The interfaces for these packages are still under active discussion. Parts of this code may eventually be migrated to l3kernel, while other parts are tied closely to LaTeX2e and are intended to support mixing LaTeX2e and LaTeX3 concepts.
  • l3trial: material which is under very active development, for potential addition to l3kernel or l3experimental. Material in this directory may include potential replacements for existing modules, where large-scale changes are underway.
  • l3leftovers: code which has been developed in the past by The LaTeX3 Project but is not suitable for use in its current form. Parts of this code may be used as the basis for new developments in l3kernel or l3experimental over time.

Support material for development is found in:

  • support, which contains a variety of scripts for running automated tests.
  • validate, which contains specially-designed TeX files for testing purposes.

Documentation is found in:

  • articles: discussion of LaTeX3 concepts by team members for publication in TUGBoat or elsewhere.
  • examples: demonstration documents showing how to use LaTeX3 concepts.
  • news: source for LaTeX3 News.

The repository also contains the directory xpackages. This contain code which is being moved (broadly) l3experimental. Over time, xpackages is expected to be removed from the repository.


Discussion concerning the approach, suggestions for improvements, changes, additions, etc. should be addressed to the list LaTeX-L.

You can subscribe to this list by sending mail to

with the body containing

subscribe LATEX-L  <Your-First-Name> <Your-Second-Name>


The issue tracker for LaTeX3 bugs is currently located at

Please report specific issues with LaTeX3 code there; more general discussion should be directed to the LaTeX-L list.

The LaTeX3 Project

Development of LaTeX3 is carried out by The LaTeX3 Project. Currently, the team members are

  • Johannes Braams
  • David Carlisle
  • Robin Fairbairns
  • Morten Høgholm
  • Bruno Le Floch
  • Thomas Lotze
  • Frank Mittelbach
  • Will Robertson
  • Chris Rowley
  • Rainer Schöpf
  • Joseph Wright

Former members of The LaTeX3 Project team were

  • Michael Downes
  • Denys Duchier
  • Alan Jeffrey
  • Martin Schröder

The development team can be contacted by e-mail:; for general LaTeX3 discussion the LaTeX-L list should be used .

Copyright (C) 2011,2012,2014,2015 The LaTeX3 Project All rights reserved

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