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The UNICODE-MATH package

This package provides an implementation of Unicode/OpenType mathematics for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.

While I am a little wary of encouraging people to use this package for production work, I understand that it has certain uses and am making it available for distribution. Your testing and feedback is essential to fill in the many gaps that I miss!

Please be aware that this package is undergoing continued development and the interface and functionality should not be considered completely stable. But the more the package is used the more stable it will become. (Things are generally working now; it is only minutiae that may change in the future.)

Unicode maths is currently supported by the following freely available fonts:

These fonts are available under open source licences (the GUST Font License and Open Font Licence).

The following fonts are proprietary with OpenType maths support:

I'm always looking for new fonts to test with, so please let me know of any new releases.


Please see the PDF documentation for full details. A simple beginning is:


Most LaTeX math should still work after this. (Let me know if it doesn't.) Furthermore, it will be in a different font.


As well as running XeTeX or LuaTeX, this package requires recent versions of the lm-math, fontspec, expl3, xpackages, and lualatex-math packages.


I write LaTeX code as a hobby and a passion, not as part of my day job. If you would like to say thanks, please consider a donation at:


The current release version is available from CTAN:

Latest developmental and archived historical versions are available from Github:

Please file bug reports with minimal examples:

See for the complete listing of change history.

Further information on the details surrounding the development of the package can be found in the file in the Github repository.


The unicode-math package may be modified and distributed under the terms and conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or greater.

This work is maintained by Will Robertson and consists of the files listed in