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Avahi 0.7, the 'Adieu' release

The Avahi 0.7 release brings two new features, binary TXT records in XML
service files and the ability to start the gobject client in a custom context.

A number of other changes are detailed below.

New Features:

  • Add support for binary values in TXT records in XML service files by
    specifying value-format="text|binary-hex|binary-base64". If not specified,
    defaults to the normal value of "text" (thus backwards compatible)
  • avahi-gobject: Allow starting the client in a custom GMainContext by
    passing context to ga_client_start_in_context instead of ga_client_start
    (avahi-gobject minor version has been incremented)

Thanks to Krzesimir Nowak for both of these additions.

Notable Changes:

  • avahi-daemon: Remove all default rlimits from avahi-daemon.conf, as two
    main problems happened with firstly rlimit-nproc causing avahi to fail when
    started in a container without user namespaces and secondly because memory
    rlimits were causing avahi to crash in some cases. Leave it up to the init
    system to impose any modified limits instead. It is recommend to ship this
    change in distribution default config files.
  • avahi-common: Fix watch cleanup issue in watch_free
  • avahi-discover (python): Updated for Python3 & GTK3
  • avahi-autoipd: clear previously set address before binding a new one
  • avahi-autoipd: fix dhclient hooks to check for avahi-autoipd before running
  • build: Move default rundir from /var/run to /run as per modern system setups

Other Changes:

  • build: Fix the printed value of "Building libavahi-client" in ./configure
  • build: improved to work when called from another directory
  • build: Fix warnings when compiling against musl libc
  • Updated translations: Polish, Ukranian, Turkish, Indonesian, Swedish,
    Hungarian, Occitan (New), Czech, Chinese (Simplified)
  • avahi-compat-libdns_sd: Fix incorrect URL in warnings
  • service-type-database: Add new service Types: _ipps._tcp, _xpra._tcp
  • avahi-dnsconfd: Update manpage with the correct action script name
  • avahi-gobject: Use the correct shared library name in AvahiCore-0.6.gir
  • avahi-gobject: Fix build failing under some locales
  • avahi-common/dbus-watch-glue.c: remove Unneeded semicolon
  • Update gentoo init scripts for newer openrc version

Big thank-you to everyone contributing to the project through issues & pull
requests, including the the following people who contributed changes to this
release: Andika Triwidada, Andreas Henriksson, Anthony G. Basile,
Antoine Martin, Ben Chan, Cedric Hombourger, Cedric Valmary, Gabor Kelemen,
HMikolon, Jan Alexander, Steffens (heftig), Josef Andersson, Jussi Kukkonen,
Krzesimir Nowak, Kylie McClain, Michael Biebl, Muhammet Kara, Peter Meerwald,
Philip Withnall, Piotr Drąg, Sebastiaan Lokhorst, Thomas Kluyver, Trent Lloyd

This release is otherwise backwards compatible with Avahi 0.6.x except for
ga_client_start_in_context (new function, incremented avahi-goject SO minor
version) and value-format in XML service files.