Plugin that provide send apple push notifications from Pentaho Data Integration
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This is a plugin that allows to you send push notifications from Pentaho Data Integration to any iOS and OS X devices, using Apple Push Notification Service. This plugin uses Java Apple Push Notification Service Library. The motivation for developed this plugin is for you, as ETL Developer, receive a quickly notifications about state of ETL executions in any place (than faster email). However, this plugin can be use for other's scenarios.


Run Maven command-line: mvn clean install


  1. You need Pentaho Data Integration installed;
  2. Download the plugin from sourceforce, you can find in this link;
  3. Stop your Pentaho Data Integration if it's running;
  4. Uncompress ApplePushNotification file;
  5. Copy ApplePushNotification folder to /plugins/steps;
  6. Start your Data Integration and enjoy.

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